We Tested the 5 Best Blogger Outreach Services of 2023, And This One Stood Out

We Tested the 5 Best Blogger Outreach Services of 2023, And This One Stood Out

Blogger outreach services are great for growing your website and improving your backlink portfolio. They make it easier for website owners to find potential host websites for their guest posts and save them time. However, with the numerous blogger outreach services, which one should you choose?

Getting the correct outreach service is crucial for your site as it will give you a better ranking, helps grow your website, increases traffic, and also help you earn more revenue. I have made things easier for you by trying out the 5 best blogger outreach services and will share my results with you.

I judged the services by their ease of use, the results they gave, and how long it took to get these results. I also looked at the quality of the host websites they gave me and the tactics used to contact potential host sites.

Price was also a significant determining factor as some people might have a limited amount of money to spend on outreach services, so finding one that fits within the budget is a plus.

I will list some of these services’ best features and downsides to help you better understand how they work. Let’s get to it!



The Five Best Blogger Outreach Services of 2023


1. FatJoe SEO

FatJoe SEO

Founded in 2012, Fatjoe is one of the most effective services. It has built a reputation this last decade working with numerous companies, which has gained them enough experience. Even better, Fatjoe uses a personalized approach, answering my many questions when it comes to how the platform works.

The platform also has a wide database, adding more than 5,000 guest posts and niche edit placements every month. This ensures you have a constant stream of potential collaborators. It is also an excellent platform for adding organic backlinks as they post your work, exposing you to a broader audience.

Their vast variety of niche topics also ensures that you can find others in your field of expertise for collaboration. You have the ability to write your own content, but you can also get their writers to produce original content for you. The content also appears organic, and the link placement is seamless, which helps with the ranking.

I have to point out, however, that not all links will be of good quality. I tested them out with four links, but only one out of the four was placed in a high-quality article. Link placement is still done well, but some of the content left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Overall, the platform was good; it directed some traffic to my site and increased the number of backlinks to my website. It is a good site if you are looking to build your backlinks, but it is not great at building lasting connections with other websites.

  • Generates organic backlinks
  • Has a wide database of guest posts
  • Covers multiple niches
  • Gets stable traffic
  • Provides a lot of backlinks
  • Link placement is not always the best
  • Some of the content might seem too rushed



2. Bazoom


Bazoom boasts of being the leading media marketplace for link building. This is mainly true as I had a generally good experience with the platform. There was a delay when talking to the customer service reps, but they were helpful and guided me when I finally got them.

The team is ready to provide any information you might need, which can be helpful for first-time users.

The platform is also quite impressive when it comes to the quality of the content it provides. They have a team of 25 content creators who take their time to give you original and high-quality content on any niche you want.

Their widespread operation in over five locations all over the world also ensures you can reach international audiences, increasing organic traffic.

Having a vast database is a basic requirement of any blogger outreach service, and Bazoom delivers on that. You have access to over 60,000 forms of media in different niches, languages, and categories from which you can place your links. You also get high-quality and high-performing links to improve your link-building.

In the beginning, one of the features that attracted me to Bazoom was its free access. This meant I would not have to spend any money to access their services. Signing up is easy, and you have the option to choose the service you want.

However, I quickly realized that you would need to pay for their services to get quality links and services, and the price might be less affordable for some.

  • You get to approve the written content or review it if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • A vast and growing database
  • It gives you connections to high and mid-ranking websites
  • Good customer support
  • Access to international audiences
  • The premium plan is pricy



3. Art of War SEO

Art of War SEO

Taking a page out of Sun Tzu’s brilliant piece, Art of War SEO stands out among other blogger outreach services because it does it all. I was lured in because I saw that they had everything I needed for my website.

The platform performs blogger outreach, and unlike some of the other platforms I have used, it ensures they are genuine websites.

Something else that makes Art of War SEO worthwhile is the kind of content it provides. Some services don’t put much stock in the content they write as long as it includes some backlinks.

That is not the case with this platform. I was really impressed with the detail they put into my articles, showing that they did their research, not just compiled common information.

It is easy to tell that the Art of War SEO team is experienced, as I got some of the best results from the other outreach services I used. They approached every content with a unique take and attached them with specially curated links.

Art of War SEO also focuses on niche edits as a way to grow your links, and they find the best bloggers and websites in which to publish your links.

You also have the chance to find the websites you want to collaborate with out of the over 3,000 websites available on the platform. Your links will be active and operative throughout the one-year warranty period and will be fixed whenever there is an issue.

  • Helps with SEO and traffic growing
  • Uses powerful links that improve your ranking
  • Access to high-performing websites
  • Unique and relevant content
  • Uses niche edits to further your chances at success
  • Customer service can be slow



4. Loganix


One of the things that I first consider when looking for blogger outreach services is their user interface. I have to be able to navigate the site on my own, and so should someone who has never used such services before.

Loganix’s interface is one of the easiest that I have seen. It shows right away what you can expect from them, testimonials from previous collaborations and video reviews, all available without having to browse different pages.

Results are a major deciding factor when using these services. I will note that this platform might take a while before it sends you links or content, but the results are worthwhile. They are experts in their field, and you can see the expertise shine through in the quality of work they deliver.

Something else that I found impressive about Loganix is its active customer service team. I encountered a few problems when using the site that I needed help with, and I got it almost immediately.

You will get a customer representative with accurate information regardless of your niche, and that is something that some companies need to improve.

Those working on less popular niches usually have problems with getting original content or links from quality websites. Loganix is the best solution if you have issues like these, as they always provide high-quality work. You will also get legitimate links that will bring more attention to your content and website.

  • Great customer service
  • High-quality links that improve your ranking
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • High-quality and original content
  • Can do countless reviews until you are satisfied with the work
  • More expensive compared to other services
  • Long turnaround time



5. Authority Builders

Authority Builders

There is no need to pay a blogger outreach service for their services if you cannot control what you get. Thankfully, that is not a problem when dealing with Authority Builders.

You have the freedom to choose the quality of links and the metrics you want. I also liked that they allow you to put as many requirements as you might have, and they will ensure to stick to them.

Experience plays a significant role in blogger outreach services as it gives the platform a wider database. Authority Builders has over 4 years of experience which they have used to build relationships with websites and bloggers. Because of this dedication, they have content covering different niches available to their users.

The websites listed are also of high quality. You can be sure that your content will be published or linked to sites with adequate organic traffic. It would be even better if the regular user could see the host website’s information before getting the content.

However, this feature is only reserved for advanced users, and you will have to pay more to access it.

I was impressed by the platform’s emphasis on originality. None of the content they handled for me had PBN backlinks or was linked to repurposed domains, which ensured I was getting quality links on real sites. It also meant that the backlinks I got drove organic traffic, which worked to improve my site.

They also have a money-back guarantee that gives you a full refund if your content is not placed on a site with over a thousand visitors in a month. This means you can be sure your content is exposed to high traffic and you can get your money back if they fail to do this.

  • Multiple link-building strategies
  • Organic and original articles
  • Placement on good websites with organic traffic
  • Wide variety of niche websites and content
  • Access to website information at a cost
  • A little too costly
  • The content might take a while to gain traction



A Better Alternative to Blogger Outreach Services

Link Addicts

While blogger outreach services are a great tool when looking to build your website and backlinks, there is an even better solution. It gives me great joy to introduce you to Link Addicts, a linking and outreach service that will improve your ranking. It eases the tiresome process of searching for host websites by doing it for you.

With Link Addicts, you have access to over 12,000 blogs that accept guest posts and niche edits. Take advantage of them by searching for relevant blogs within your niche that will allow you to place backlinks and publish articles.

The platform ranks these websites according to the traffic they garner, their domain rating, and their price to help you find the best fit for you and your site. The in-house team will handle the outreach for you and ensure you only get the best hand-picked websites.

This platform also has a solution for those looking to grow their websites but don’t have the time to research and find host blogs. It uses a personal broker who will handle everything, managing your outreach campaigns and publishing content on your behalf.

All you have to do is pick out the website you want and leave everything to them.

Perhaps the best feature of Link Addicts is their price. The platform aims to provide services to everyone and so offers you free credits that allow you to search for and filter blogs to suit your needs. You can also use these credits to get more information about the website and its contact information.

Even their advanced services are more affordable than other platforms, with the Essential Plan starting at only $12 and the highest costing only $42. You also have commitment-free onboarding that allows you to unlock any website of your choosing with free credits.

It is definitely something you should consider when looking for guest posts and niche editing opportunities.




Blogger outreach services are available in plenty, all available to fulfill different needs. Instead of turning to overpriced services that might not get you the results you want, use Link Addicts.

Not only do you get access to thousands of websites in different niches, but the platform also does and manages all your outreach for you at affordable prices. Their hands-free and commitment-free approach make them worth checking out. Try Link Addicts for your outreach services today to get the best results!


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