8 Best Blogger Outreach Tools You Can Use To Build Backlinks

8 Best Blogger Outreach Tools You Can Use To Build Backlinks

Blogger outreach tools are an excellent way to grow your blog or website and work with others in the same field. But why is it necessary? Building backlinks and collaborating with other blogs is what will help yours grow. It is also a way for you to reach a wider audience and a larger market from already established or bigger blogs.

Doing all this requires you to constantly reach out to publishers, bloggers, influencers, and other people in your industry. That can be very time-consuming and, in most cases, will not yield the results you want. This can be discouraging, but there is a solution for this, using blogger outreach tools.

These tools have taken the hard work and simplified it for you. They make it easy for you to find and connect with those in your field, allowing for communication, guest posts, and link building. How do they do that?

Blogger outreach tools communicate with those you want to work with on your behalf, providing a list of potential collaborations that you can easily contact. The tools also help maintain relationships with others in your niche, which will help you grow your website or blog.



8 Best Blogger Outreach Tools (And Why You Need Them)

The following are 8 of the best outreach tools that are beneficial to your outreach campaigns:


1. Link Addicts

Link Addicts

It is easy to tell that the minds behind Link Addicts have done their research and used that knowledge to craft one of the best tools out there. This is because of the wide database of over 12,000 blogs in 35 different niches that you can benefit from, with more added every week.

You can use this database to find your niche and then find the most effective blogs in that niche, and Link Addicts will help you contact them. They have two ways to outreach and publish your content.

One way is by providing a step-by-step method that you can easily follow yourself. You can choose the blog you want to collaborate with by filtering the blogs in your niche by Metrics.

This takes away the laborious task of you going through the blogs one by one. Once you find the website you want, you unlock its URL and contact information, where you can contact the website and reach out to them.

The other and more accessible way is through using Link Addicts’ own broker. They have a personal broker that will handle everything for you. Simply identify the blog you want, informer the broker, and let them handle everything, all at a small fee.

What’s even better is that you can use Link Addicts without commitment until you are sure. You get free credits without providing your credit card details that let you explore and unlock any website of your choice.

This is an excellent way for you to find out how this outreach tool works before committing. They also have different packages to fit different budgets; there is something for everyone on Link Addicts.



2. BuzzStream


This is another effective blogger outreach tool that has incredible link-building tool connections and a great outreach CRM. It is a useful tool for blogger outreach campaigns. It is an all-in-one tool that covers different fields and performs multiple outreach activities.

You can use BuzzStream to manage your campaigns and find influencers.

This tool has an impressive customer list, working with businesses like Glassdoor and Shopify. It uses a lead collection that allows you to find different social profiles and email addresses that you can reach out to.

This feature works together with the automatic prospecting tool that helps you create qualified lists or find other opportunities.

BuzzStream also makes it possible for you to see how your campaign is performing by carrying out deep analytics. These allow you to see your reply and open rates, which can help you figure out how many of the emails you sent have been opened and those that are yet to be replied to.

For those who easily forget, there is a feature that allows you to set alarms to alert you when you need to send an email.

Connecting your email to BuzzStream also allows you to craft your own email template or choose from the available ones to improve your email outreach campaigns. Send personalized emails to the businesses on your list to improve your chances of making connections.

BuzzStream also offers a 14-day free trial as you figure out how it works. There are different plans to choose from, with the basic plan costing only $24/month.



3. Semrush

Semrush is a great SEO tool for outreach. It has more than just outreach capabilities; you can use it for keyword research, SEO analysis, monitoring your backlinks, and doing competitive research.

It is a good tool for SEO-based websites and blogs where you can get multiple features in one, helping you create a good outreach campaign while improving your site’s overall appearance and ranking.

One of the features that make Semrush efficient is the Link Building feature. It allows you to search and find new link-building opportunities from its database. It gives you access to over 43 trillion backlinks that cover any sector, no matter how niche it is.

Link Building also has automated outreach campaigns that will help you reach out to and get backlinks.

The tool also has a Backlink Gap feature that promotes outreach campaigns. You can use it to compare your competitor’s links with your own site’s links. It also includes filters that you can use to see the domains that link to competitors’ websites that have not linked to yours yet.

Use the information you find to send your outreach campaign to invite those domains to link to yours.

Keeping track of your campaigns is also necessary, as it lets you know how you are performing. Semrush has rank tracking and backlink gap analytics that allow you to do that.

You can see how your target keywords are performing, and it also allows you to monitor their ranking and position. This is enough feedback that lets you know if you need to change them or find other ways of improving your ranking.

The pricing is a little steep, with the basic plan starting at $119.9/month, but it gives you access to its tools and lets you monitor a lot of social media profiles.



4. Snov.io


Another impressive blogger outreach tool you can use for finding potential links and collaborators is Snov.io. The site helps you find email addresses belonging to them, so you don’t have to spend your time searching the different sites for their emails.

Finding this is easy as you only need to open the site, put the domain’s address, and Snov.io will give you the email addresses connected to the site.

The Gmail and Chrome integration are some of the features that make Snov.io a strong tool. I have previously mentioned the importance of tracking when it comes to outreach programs, and that is what this feature gives you.

It allows you to integrate Chrome with your Gmail address, making it easy to track your emails. Get the chrome extension to help you discover and reach out to websites easily.

Your outreach email has to stick out from the hundreds of thousands that others send, and you can do it through email drip campaigns. These let you optimize your method of sending emails, helping you send emails on a schedule. You can also schedule email follow-ups for those who have not responded.

Having access to different websites at your disposal comes at a price, however. You can get a free forever plan that comes with 200 contacts and 50 credits every month. You can use them on the email verification tools and the email finder.

Snov.io also has a Premium plan that starts at $39 monthly, giving you 5,000 contacts and up to 1,000 credits. Sadly, the credits expire every month, so you have to ensure you use them all. You can also get a discount if you buy the plan annually.



5. Maillfloss


Another strong email verification tool, Mailfloss, allows you to maximize deliverability. It does this by protecting your outreach campaign by validating your prospects. This protects your campaign by allowing you to know the legit ones.

Outreach campaigns are tiresome and time-consuming, and it can be disappointing if some of the email addresses you gather are invalid. There are fewer chances of this happening if you use Mailfloss.

This blogger outreach tool preserves your deliverability rate as it ensures you only send to actual email addresses. Sending outreach emails to fake addresses will lower your rate, which can cause email service providers to penalize you.

Your emails then run the risk of getting sent to the spam folder, which means you will not reach more than half the websites you want to reach.

That is why Mailfloss is a useful tool. It verifies the email addresses for you, removing any that can hurt you. It is important to use Mailfloss whenever you create your link-building list, as it will ensure you only reach out to those that will help you further your campaign.

Run all of them through Mailfloss before doing anything. It is also quite affordable at $17 per month with a free 7-day trial.



6. Hunter


Founded in 2015, Hunter is a great blogger outreach tool that helps you find outreach emails using different ways. The beauty of Hunter is that it keeps adding extra features that improve outreach campaigns, which explains why it is used by over 2 million clients, including Microsoft and Google.

The features that make Hunter stand out include the domain finder. This is a useful tool if you want to find different websites in your niche, no matter what niche it actually is. You can use the domain finder in Hunter to find the different emails of the website in the domain.

Hunter also has an email finder and email verification feature. You can find anyone’s email just by inputting the name, domain, or company name on Hunter. The tool also uses something close to Mailfloss’ verification feature. It allows you to verify the email addresses you find and check them for domain information and bounce rate.

You can also take advantage of the email scheduling and tracking feature that allows you to schedule when you should send emails or schedule a follow-up. The tracking option allows you to see which emails are opened and which aren’t replied to by integrating Hunter with your Gmail account.

The Chrome extension also allows Hunter to give you the email addresses for the domains you are interested in. Personalized email templates are also available, allowing you to create personable emails to improve your outreach process. All this is available to you with a free forever plan.

That gives you up to 50 requests every month, which offers you one email search, one verification, and one search. The Premium Plan gives you up to 1,000 requests at $49 a month.



7. BuzzSumo


If you are more interested in influencer research and campaign intelligence, BuzzSumo is your answer. It is what most market pros and big brands, such as Buzzfeed and Hubspot use for reaching out to influencers and marketing.

It is also useful in finding the top trending topics in all niches, enabling you to use this information to further your content.

Finding influencers, especially those that can actually push your content, is difficult. You will need to research those with great engagement out of the thousands of influencers available. BuzzSumo helps you find the best influencers, saving you hours or days of research.

Content is the driving force of any successful website, and this blogger outreach tool will help you with that too. It does content research, delving into competitors’ data to find what works for them and their backlinks. You can then use this research to find credible links for your link-building campaign.

BuzzSumo also gives you content discovery features that help you find high-ranking content and keywords, which you can then use to improve your articles and guest posts.

Monitoring is also made possible, with the tool enabling you to set alerts for influencer activities, brand or keyword mentions, and trending topics that will help you find ways to promote and improve your content.

You can also use this platform to find good prospects, protecting you from bad ones, and find the ones that you can use to grow your platform. This makes it easier for you to reach out to the ones with a higher chance of helping you.

You can also use the notifications to learn how to build off of your mentions. The free plan gives you only 10 searches a month, with more available starting from $79 a month.



8. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach

This blogger outreach tool packs the benefits of an influencer outreach and blogger tool. It has a business lead generation feature that helps you find potential leads from other profiles.

You can narrow it down to those that fit your field by putting your location and niche. Put this into Ninja Outreach, and it will bring up the website, email address, and the number of followers it has, and you can use this to reach out to the founders.

If you rely more on social media, Ninja Outreach has you covered. You can use the tool to find influencers on Instagram and Twitter and offer you ways to connect with them. This allows you to find the influencers with the most reach and improve your social media presence.

If you have organization issues, this tool also helps you. It allows you to organize your leads according to your specifications. You can even use notes to help with the organization.

You can also schedule emails by synching them with Ninja Outreach’s API, which will allow you to schedule when to send emails during your campaign.

Outreach also offers you status reports that help you track your emails according to the leads to see who has reacted to your emails. Send follow-up emails to ensure you are still on their minds and improving your brand visibility.




Blogger outreach tools are important for growing your website and growing your business. The tools above are your best bet, and you should check them out. Find the tool that helps you with organization and exposes you to a wide database filled with information.

Focus on the selling points of blogger outreach, such as email outreach and a vast database that you can use to filter out the niche you want with the brands, blogs, or websites you want to work with.

You also need to ensure that the tool you use is something you can maneuver on your own and fits within your budget.


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