How to do Blogger Outreach? The Best Blogger Outreach Strategy

How to do Blogger Outreach The Best Blogger Outreach Strategy

Are you an avid blogger, and your content struggles to get the traction it deserves despite you putting in the effort? It can be annoying to discover similar content of your niche plastered everywhere on the internet. A while back, I was in a similar situation because I needed a proper blogger outreach strategy to implement for my content.

If you have wondered about the main secret that makes other websites skyrocket traffic on their blogs and you are still struggling, it might be time to employ a new marketing strategy.

Your content might not be the problem behind your website failing to take off; you might be putting out content with the same quality or even better than your competitors but are yet to see results.

It takes an average of four hours to create a new blog post, and over 20% of bloggers find themselves dedicating more than six hours per post. It becomes more complicated if you are starting as a blogger and are only doing it part-time. That is why most web admins learn how to do blogger outreach to generate more backlinks.

The result of this strategy positively impacts the success of a new page as it will outrank those with fewer links. On average, I discovered that pages that ranked first on a search engine had 3.8 times more backlinks than those in the second position.



What Is Blogger Outreach?

What Is Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a broad subject that encompasses a lot of things. In this article, I will discuss what it is, its benefits, and how you can create the perfect blogger outreach strategy. So before we get further, let us begin with its definition.

In simple terms, blogger outreach is where a website owner or company chooses to communicate and ask for collaboration with popular bloggers and influencers. This collaboration brings awareness to smaller brands by leveraging the bigger website or influencer’s audience.

Most companies implement this strategy to attract a new audience that generates leads, ultimately selling their product or service. As content creators, we have to teach ourselves how to do blogger outreach to grow our websites.

By finding the right blogs in the same niche and communicating the potential of growing together, there will be a significant increase in business in many ways.

This strategy boils down to building strong relationships with multiple bloggers in the same niche to promote your content and gain access to a much larger audience.



Benefits of Having a Good Blogger Outreach Strategy

Benefits of Having a Good Blogger Outreach Strategy

Businesses need to keep up with modern trends to succeed in this technological world. Blogger outreach is essential for you to survive in the market.

After all, there are numerous benefits to using this marketing strategy. They include:


1. Earning Backlinks

The immediate reason for a blogger outreach strategy is to secure backlinks for your website. Many website owners that use the strategy find it an excellent way of earning many credible backlinks leading to more prospective site visits.

It is also a good method that positively influences a site’s ranking on a search engine and increases your backlink portfolio.


2. Building Relationships

With so many websites in the market offering the same product, it takes work to get a consumer to purchase your product or service. This is because not everyone is willing to experiment with new brands they don’t trust.

Thankfully, using this strategy will assist a brand in connecting and building a strong relationship with customers as it will provide them with reasons to purchase your products through content posted online.

Collaborating with other brands also shows you are legitimate and builds trust with your consumers.


3. Elevating Online Visibility

Brands need to generate a lot of awareness for them to survive. Though there are many means to make a significant impact on your online presence, platforms such as social media are saturated with numerous similar content of the same niche.

You must be innovative and implement alternative strategies to build enough exposure and attract more viewers. Through blogger outreach, you will be able to elevate your online presence, which will benefit both short-term and long-term goals.

Your online visibility increases the more you collaborate with other bloggers.


4. Cost Effective

Since marketing is integral to any start-up, you will need serious investment and resources to execute this goal. Luckily, by using a strategy such as blogger outreach, you will only be spending a few resources as it is cost-effective.

You will spend less money and be able to reach your intended audience, generating more leads in the process.



Creating The Perfect Blogger Outreach Strategy

Creating The Perfect Blogger Outreach Strategy

Trying to acquire each backlink for your content can feel like a daunting task. Having a proper blogger outreach strategy will simplify your work.

I have broken down the entire process into six simple steps for you to be able to accomplish this task.


1. Determine Your Goal

The first step in this process is fairly simple and is among the best practices before starting any campaign. Similar to any project, you need to set clear and tangible goals.

The goals should be specific and have a measure to determine their success; otherwise, you will not be able to know if your outreach bore any fruits.

Comparing your performance and goals before and after undertaking a new project will help you better understand your efforts and the results they give you. Ask yourself these questions to know if you have attained your goal can include:

  • Did I get exposure?
  • Was there an increase in sales?
  • Are the backlinks improving my site rankings?
  • Did I gain relevant experience after networking with pros in my niche?


2. Prospect Relevant Bloggers and Influencers

Now that you have a clear goal for your campaign, you will need to find the right blogger to accomplish them. Search the internet for a set of bloggers in the same niche as you to build a relationship with them.

Start by opening a spreadsheet and listing all you want for your outreach list. It is important to select blogs with either a moderate or higher domain authority to get a better outcome for implementing this strategy.

If your goal is to have traffic and share for your posts, then you will need influencers with many followers.

To be able to contact bloggers according to your preference, you will need tools to fast-track the research. The tools that will help in identifying influential blogs.

A search engine such as Google is also a good place for searching for influential blogs. Higher-ranking blogs have more authority and are the ones you should approach.


3. Research and Separate Your List of Influencers and Bloggers

The truth is not all blogs are built equal. Some blogs are bigger and well respected than others; because of this, they have a higher volume of traffic and user engagement. It will be a big mistake if you approach all blogs on your list with the same approach.

To get the most out of your blog outreach strategy, you will need to research who the leaders of your niche are and rank all that you will approach. You will then have to separate your list into different tiers.

You will be able to give more time and care to the industry leaders and then take a direct approach to the rest using this strategy for the best results.

By doing your research, you will know how to handle each blogger or influence and understand those that aren’t worth your time. Researching entails the following steps:

  • Reading about their blogs or websites
  • Studying their social media profiles
  • Researching their posted content across all platforms

Once you complete your research, fill in your spreadsheet with the data you have unveiled. This will help you to determine a blogger’s domain and social authority.


4. Pre-Outreach

As soon as you identify the blogs in your niche on your target list, you need to devise a plan to get on their radar. A more established blogger will be more open to responding to a person’s email if they recognize who they are.

Interact and share some of their posts on your social media pages to show interest. Before doing this, ensure you follow them on all accounts for a few months to build that relationship. Taking this action will aid your efforts as you will be popping up regularly, which will familiarize you with them.

Commenting on the blogs is also a good method of getting a blogger’s attention, as most are proactive in replying and engaging their audience. The comments you leave should make you stand out from the rest. Leave a comment that adds value to the post, as it will help you get noticed faster.

Other methods include subscribing to their email list and newsletters. You can also browse their website to find similar content relevant to your upcoming post so that you can link it to your post. It is important to inform them, and you can use email as a communication channel.


5. Reach Out

After undertaking the first four steps and establishing a relationship, it is time for you to go for the kill. At this point, you are ready to capitalize on your blogger outreach strategy. The time to reach the perfect outreach email has come. The email will play a significant role in your success.

It should clearly state your intentions; fumbling in the dark or not outlining your interests will most likely not get you the best results if the email is opened at all.

Craft a personalized email that is simple and straight to the point. Customize it to a specific post to prove that you are familiar with their content and that you are not just contacting them for a guest post.

You should also avoid sending bulk emails and using basic email templates. Established bloggers and influencers receive several emails looking for collaboration. Because of this, they can spot a shoddy template easily. Look at some good email templates for inspiration so that you can create a personalized email.

Because the campaign’s main aim is to get backlinks for our website, you will have to be more direct about your intentions but not too direct. Avoid writing long emails; this will be a good way to get them to open them. You can also ask them if they want to see your content and send them the link if you get the go-ahead.


6. Grow The Relationship

Now that you are acquainted with a fellow blogger, and the blogger outreach strategy seems to bear some fruit, it is time to turn the transaction into a relationship.

The first step you can take is to thank them for their assistance. By doing so, you separate yourself from those seeking only transactional relationships.

Having a solid relationship will help you to connect better with a blogger. You can also propose to grow together as a joint venture; over time, you will be doing projects together. The relationship you build with a big-name blogger is worth more than the project itself, as you will reap more fruits in the future.

At Link Addicts, we have a database of over 12000 blogs spanning 35 niches. These blogs accept niche edits and guest posts, significantly improving your rank on search engines when you place your article’s backlinks.

We have used the same steps when building our database, and I can confirm that the strategy works for SEO.



Blogger Outreach Best Practices

When learning how to do blogger outreach, you need to ensure you follow the best practices. For one, you need to be as precise and to the point as possible. Introduce who you are, the name of your brand and what it does, and why the potential collaborator should be interested in working with you.

Because bloggers are picky with who they collaborate, you need to offer quality content. Whether looking for a sponsored post or a guest post, ensure the information you provide is helpful. The relationship should be mutually beneficial, so find ways to improve the host website’s content.

Your content should be informative and well-written. Bloggers will not accept subpar work, so put your efforts into crafting the best content possible.

It is easy to give up when you see the bloggers you reach out to are not responding but be patient. They are busy and receive lots of outreach emails. Give them time to reach out to you and send as many outreach emails as possible to improve your chances of getting a chance.

Another important thing to do is send a follow-up email. Do this if a few weeks have passed and you still have not heard from them. You can also use social media to show that you are still interested in working for them.

Be persuasive but don’t be too pushy, as this might drive the blogger away.



Last Words

If you want to know how to do blogger outreach, the steps highlighted offer the best results when implementing a blogger outreach strategy. Doing this opens you up to a vast untapped potential.

By spending a few minutes on your day to drop comments on websites or blogs with greater web authority, you improve your chances of getting noticed by the bigger bloggers.

Using the strategies can be difficult and time-consuming, but it will bear fruit. The step-by-step guide I listed above will improve your chances of success. If doing the steps is too overwhelming, let us take the burden off your shoulders.

Reach out to Link Addicts and let us handle the blogger outreach strategies for you. You will get great results while putting in less work; we are also very affordable, so you will not need to stretch your pocket.


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