10 Ways To Find Guest Post Opportunities And Increase Your Website Traffic Daily

10 Ways To Find Guest Post Opportunities And Increase Your Website Traffic Daily

Guest post opportunities are a great way for blogs and websites to collaborate with others in similar and different fields. This allows you to reach a wide variety of websites and their market. It also gives you backlink opportunities. Finding guest blog opportunities that enable you to do this can be challenging.

Although guest blogging is useful, finding guest post opportunities can be difficult. You will have to spend days scouring the internet for the perfect opportunities and spend even more time crafting your outreach campaign.

Even with all that work, none of them might actually take, sending you back to the drawing board to start again.

If you have ever been in such a situation or want to start your outreach to find guest blogging opportunities, I have the solution for you. I will show you how to find guest post opportunities in ways that make it easier for you.

These ways will also cut down the time you would otherwise spend searching for opportunities, and some will provide you with better links. Leverage these ways and use them to find credible guest post opportunities that will help increase your website traffic and expose you to newer audiences.


10 Ways to Find Guest Post Opportunities

Here are 10 answers to how to find guest post opportunities that will help you and your website/ blog:


1. Using The Old Search Engines

This is a more labor-intensive undertaking but has the advantage of being completely free. You can use Google to your advantage to find other websites and blogs looking for guest posts.

The best way to use this to your advantage is by searching for blogs that fall within your niche. Google will give you a comprehensive list of all blogs in that area, and you can choose the ones you feel will align well with your site.

However, this is only part of it, as you still have to find out whether they work with guest posters or have a guest post system. It will be easier for you to use this information when sending your outreach email.

You can still send your outreach email even if they don’t offer guest post opportunities. You will have to pitch your blog more convincingly and explain why they should accept your idea.

Ensure you read up on how to approach different brands, research the kind of blogs they work with, and shape your outreach campaign to work in your favor.

You can also use Google Blog Search to find blogs that closely relate to your niche. This method can also expose you to much larger blogs that might not necessarily focus on your niche, but you can use this to your advantage.

Do not forget to research and interact with the blog posts to show interest before reaching out.



2. Social Media

Social media isn’t just for aesthetics; you can use different platforms to find methods that expose you to different bloggers. One of the useful social media tools when it comes to finding guest post opportunities is Facebook.

Although some might consider the app outdated, it is still a booming engine for anyone looking for blog information.

Use Google to find the blogs you are interested in and search for them on Facebook. If they have an active social media presence, ensure you follow them, review what they post, and find ways to interact with them.

You can then use the relationship you have to ask for guest post opportunities. You can also search their posts to see if they have open guest post slots and apply.

Twitter is another strong social media tool for finding guest post opportunities. More people use this platform with different blogs and websites calling out potential guest bloggers.

Use the Twitter search bar to search for functional keywords, such as “guest post,” “write for us,” and “work with us.” Filter the results by “latest” to find sites that offer these opportunities and reach out to them.

As always, ensure you follow and show interest in their blogs and posts to give yourself a better position.

You can also follow guest bloggers on Twitter who share some of their content. Learn what they post about and who they collaborate with for you to discover more opportunities. Some might even share tips on getting these opportunities, which you can use to your benefit.



3. Networking

This is another time-consuming method, but it yields good results. It is a great method, especially if you are in contact with blogs within your niche. It helps you build relationships with these people, and staying in constant contact with them ensures you are on their minds when they look for guest posters.

Use social media to your advantage, and constantly follow, like, and comment on their posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other niche forums. This allows you to rub shoulders with them and improve your visibility. You can also make use of the blog comment sections to show that you do follow and read their content.

Find different ways to interact with them. Don’t just comment on one post and think that is all; you will need constant contact to ensure they don’t forget about you. Avoid mentioning your blog a lot, as this might alert them that you are after guest blog opportunities, which can cause them to shut you out.

Continue doing this until you build a solid relationship with them, then you can finally reach out to them. This might take months, but the results will be worth it. You will have created that familiarity with them that will encourage them to hear you out.

Don’t drop the ball when it comes to your outreach email. You still need to make it attractive to them, but the relationship you have built through networking brings you one step closer.



4. Using Your Own Guest Posts

Work experience is something every employer looks for when interviewing employees, and the same applies to guest blogging. This method is especially useful to those with a few guest post opportunities. Use them as your previous work experience and let them do the work for you.

One of the ways you can do that is by using your guest post byline to reach out to other bloggers. Mention that you are interested in working with different blogs in the industry and show your availability.

Social media is also another way to get your guest posts to work for you. Share every guest post you have written and the blog you wrote them for. This shows that you can handle different fields and are not new to the industry.

You should also make use of popular trending keywords, such as “guest post” and related keywords, so that anyone looking for guest posters using such keywords will have an easier way to find you.

Community is important to all blogs, and you can use your guest posts to show potential collaborators that you have an active community they can profit from.

Interact with your readers in the comments and reply to as many comments as possible. This shows that you are passionate about what you do and makes you a better choice.



5. Use Personal Connections

This might not be as effective a method as the others, but it is still something you can use to your benefit. You might know a few people with blogs or those that know others with blogs. Leverage your connections with them to get your blog mentioned in wider circles.

It can be as simple as telling others bloggers in your community to talk about your blog to their blogger friends. This makes a strong case for you as the personal tie makes you more credible and will interest others in knowing more about what you write about.

That little spark of interest can turn into a blazing fire that attracts other blogs to you.

You can also use your comment section to find guest post opportunities. Ask your readers about other blogs they follow or read, and do your research. This puts you in different circles that you can use to your advantage.

Your readers also expose you to blogs you might not have heard of that will provide an even better stepping ground.

Showing you a good grasp of the different blogs in your field and other unrelated ones will also work in your favor. It shows other brands that you are open to collaboration and might even encourage those who would not have considered you before to pay more attention to you, so don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone and everyone you know.



6. Guest Post Footprints

Looking to find multiple guest post opportunities for your blog? Turn to guest post footprints. The footprints, in this case, refer to the common thread amongst websites. It is the one tagline; it could also be several strings of words that numerous websites share.

Using the footprint shows you how different blogs or websites approach a certain method or way of finding those interested in guest posting. The good news is that Google keeps a catalog of these footprints, making it easier for you to access them.

Some of the things that can help you identify these footprints include sites that use duplicate or nearly similar content, those that use similar IP addresses among the different sites, and sites that share their hosting provider.

You can use these footprints to find guest posting websites that are looking for those interested in guest posting.

Some of the most obvious guest post footprints you can find will include tag lines such as “submit a post,” “become a guest blogger,” “suggest a post,” and “write with us.” Others might opt to publish their guest post guidelines. Read through these guidelines to see if you meet the criteria and find ways to do so if you do not.

Use Google to search the footprints, adding your niche to see the websites that fall within it. Look for something like SEO and “submit an article” to find them. This process is labor intensive as you will have to filter through all the websites until you find the one that works for you.



7. Reverse Engineering Competition

Another useful method is learning to find guest post opportunities through reverse engineering. To reverse engineer, you will need a linking tool such as Keywords Explorer or Ahrefs to help you sort through a website’s backlinks.

Begin by searching for the main keywords you constantly use and look for other websites that use them; you can do this through Google. Compile a list of the competitors that come up in your search and put them through the linking tool. This will show you all the links they have on their posts.

You can now go through them one by one to find the backlinks that lead to guest posts on another blog or that lead you to a guest blogging site. Once you identify multiple, use the guest post footprints such as the ones mentioned above.

If you see that the site accepts guest posts, send your outreach email asking for a guest post on the website.

This process will take a lot of time, but it will show you different websites that you might otherwise never have come across. It is also a good way of letting your competitors help you.



8. Make Use of Repeat Guest Post Opportunities

It might seem counterintuitive to write different guest posts for one blog. After all, you want to grow your backlinks to include as many websites as possible. However, repeat guest post opportunities are a great marketing strategy and a good advertisement method for your blog.

Think of it like advertising campaigns by popular brands like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. They usually use the same advertising media over and over and still make sales.

Just because you once wrote a guest post for a certain domain doesn’t mean that it is the end of you working together, especially if the first guest post generated a lot of traffic to your site.

Repeat guest post opportunities give you a chance to grow an audience from the host website and convert them to your site. Your first guest post might not have been for certain people, but a repeat post linking to a different part of your site might be the one.

These repeat opportunities give you a chance to reach different audiences. It also allows you to link different parts of your website that show the readers how diverse your site is. It is a clever PR strategy that helps you grow your guest post portfolio.



9. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

You can never advertise your website or blog enough, so you should lean into advertising as much as you can. Use your growing community as your market, and keep advertising your content.

There are several guest post communities that you can also use to promote your website that will help you connect with bloggers.

Use advertising forums that work for websites, such as the aforementioned Facebook and Twitter. Diversify and use other platforms, such as Craigslist, Reddit, Quora, and more, to showcase your blog and what it does.

It will take a lot of time to do this and you might not see the results right away but keep at it and you will eventually find your market. Exploit blogger directories and interact with other people’s posts to keep your presence at the forefront and expose your site to more people.



10. Use Link Addicts

All the methods I have mentioned above require you to put in the work, and it might take a long time before you see results. If you do not have the time or the energy to do all this, I encourage you to turn to Link Addicts.

Link Addicts is a blogger outreach tool that helps you find guest post opportunities for your website. It has simplified everything for you and is less labor-intensive or time-consuming than the other methods on this list.

The site has a comprehensive database with over 12,000 logs in 35 niches that you can use to your benefit. They handpick websites for your choosing and add new blogs weekly, ensuring you find the ones that work for you.

Filtering the different blogs in your niche using the Metrics feature to see the websites that accept guest posts. You can then unlock the website’s contact information, allowing you to reach out to them.

Don’t have time to go through multiple websites and send outreach emails? Link Addicts has the answer for you. Contact their brokers with the name of the blog you want to collaborate with and leave everything to the broker.

All this is available to you at very affordable prices; they even give you free credits that you can use to see how they work.



Last Words

I hope you have learned how to find guest post opportunities. You can use the first nine methods if you have the time to dedicate to finding the website or websites you want to work with.

If you want faster results without using too much of your time and energy, turn to Link Addicts. Try them out using the commitment-free credits to learn more about their services.


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