Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?

Usually with 1 credit you can unlock 1 information (website name and contact).

What is bundle unlock?

Some contacts have more than one website on their portfolio. To unlock such contacts, you will need more than one credit because of the number of websites included on the portfolio.

What is Personal Broker?

If you donโ€™t have the time to contact the websites by yourself you can choose to hire a Personal Broker. Personal Broker is one of LinkAddicts team members that will reach the website for you and place the content. This comes at a small fee of $40 including the content.
Please, remember that we have previously contacted these websites and all we have to do is reply to the same email with new orders.

Can I List my website on LinkAddicts?

Yes, you can contact us about listing your website on LinkAddicts but keep in mind that we carefully check all websites and it may take up to 1-week to get a response.

How are publishing prices set?

We have reached all websites and prices are set by website owners or publishers. The price shown on the database is the price we could get from the publishers. You can negotiate the prices with the website owners as usually they tend to give discounts.

What payment methods are available?

Currently we accept Credit Card and Pay Pal. We can accept cryptocurrencies up on request but the process will be manual.

๐Ÿ‘ Try it now without a credit card

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